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Outdoor Activity Products From Inflatable Zone

Convenience is what customers look for these days. Products that are needed for outdoors or travel (vacation or camping) should definitely offer convenience so that they can be carried from one place to another easily, storage when not in use should be easy and the use itself should also be no rocket science.

In this article, we discuss three such products which have different uses; mostly outdoor activities or fun games. The common factor among these three products is convenience. The other aspect which makes them similar to each other is because they all are inflatable so it is obvious that they can be carried around and used at your own convenience.

Rainbow Inflatable Tent

rainbow inflatable tent for party

rainbow inflatable tent for party

Camping and road trips are amazing experiences. However, not everybody knows how to set a tent. For this purpose, the rainbow inflatable tent from Inflatable Zone is the perfect companion for your camping and road trip goals. It only costs $1,999 . Instead of getting all confused on how to properly set a tent, you just have to pump in the air and you will have the perfect tent.

Other uses can include parties or a simple get together with family and friends. It is very easy to store when not using it and doesn’t require complicated maintenance.

Inflatable Air Track

free shipping 6 2 inflatable self inflating air mat mattress outdoor

free shipping 6 2 inflatable self inflating air mat mattress outdoor

This is perfect for sports games. Sports games are games that simulate the body for different sports activities. It is the perfect item for school going kids. The air track provides a safe area to jump, flip and somersault. This is also a great product to have in your backyard in case your kids have some energy to vent out. It is portable, easy to store, clean and maintain. If you own a gym for youngsters, then it is an affordable product to have.

You may check this product here:

Zorbing Ball

Zorbing, also sometimes known as globe riding, sphering and orbing, is a recreational sport. A zorb ball is made of transparent plastic that can be safely used for rolling around over a level surface. People also use to roll over a gentle slope and on water. It is a quite fun and popular activity, enough to have records in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The zorb ball has two sections. There is another ball inside with air between it and the outer layer. They are quite lightweight and made with flexible plastic. Some of the zorb balls provide straps for to hold the rider in place but others allow the rider more control so that they can guide the ball freely. If you are interested in buying this product, Shop Now!

These three products are amazing for recreational purposes. Moreover, they can be easily deflated for storing it over the time they are not being used. They are highly portable in case you want to have fun somewhere away from home.

Inflatable Zone has all three products with the air track and zorbing ball having some variety as well. Moreover, shipping is free and customers can have these products customised to match their needs.